4 Nov

You know you’ve been studying too much when:

  • You’re standing in the elevator, wondering why it won’t go up, and then you realize that you forgot to push your floor.
  • You attempt to calculate the rotational kinetic energy and torque of every rolling and/or rotating object you see.
  • Coffee becomes a several-times-a-day occurrence

Needless to say, after a successful physics midterm and Health Behavior research project, I am finally in Tucson! Turns out our “relaxing” first day  has been anything but though.  This morning started out on a good note…I went for a beautiful run around the U of A campus while Spencer went to his advising meeting, and it was the first time I felt like I was truly running again since my injury. For some strange reason, running around USC has never quite given me that same feeling I used to get running along the beach back home. Today was different though, and midway through my run, I realized I wasn’t focusing on keeping my stride, landing midfoot, and not overpronating – I was just doing it. I also tried out my brand new Garmin Forerunner 205 today, which was AMAZING.

After the run and meeting, we headed back to the apartment to shower and go run some errands,  and the Tucson heat and/or lack of electrolytes decided to hit me. Following a near pass-out scare, we walked out to the parking lot to find that Spencer’s truck had been broken into, and his wallet had been stolen. The rest of the day was spent cancelling credit cards, filing a police report, and getting a new ID, by which point we were both exhausted.

Tonight was really nice though. We went to the JAC (Jewish Arizonians on Campus) shabbat dinner at the rabbis house, and I finally got to meet a bunch of the Sigma Alpha Mu brothers I’ve heard so much about. Tonight was the rabbi’s anniversary, so it was extra special, and everything was homemade by his wife – I had some amazing chocolate chip challah, and a delicious salad with dried cherries, pecans, mandarin oranges, and raspberry vinaigrette. Definitely a recipe to repeat! Funny moment of the evening – I went to use the bathroom, and I thought there was no toilet paper… until I realized that it had all been pre-torn into little pieces since you’re not supposed to work on shabbat. It was great to feel a part of the Jewish community here though, and everyone was extremely welcoming.

We just got home, and it feels like a relaxing movie-night kind of evening. Hoping for a better day tomorrow. Goodnight everyone!


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