Back to LA LA Land

7 Nov

I can’t believe it’s Monday! This weekend flew by, and I’m missing Tucson already :(. Due to my blogging lag, here’s a recap of the weekend:

On Saturday, Spencer and I slept in, had a leisurely breakfast, and took a beautiful walk around U of A. It was homecoming weekend, so the campus was buzzing with students, alumni, and tailgate parties. We ended up missing the Sigma Alpha Mu tailgate, but we met up with everyone at the game to cheer on the Wildcats. Sadly, they lost to the Utes, but it was still a ton of fun. Later that night, we headed out to the after-game party, which took place in a bunch of rooms across the apartment complex. I loved seeing everyone’s unique decorating styles and finally putting faces to names.

We fell asleep to the rain on Saturday night and woke up to beautifully cool weather on Sunday morning. Spencer’s phone decided to change to CA time for daylight savings (even though AZ doesn’t change – silly state!), so we had to look up the actual time to figure out who’s phone was right. After our phone confusion, we headed out for a run around the campus center, made a delicious breakfast/brunch, and then spent the afternoon relaxing. That evening, we drove to the JW Marriot Tucson Starr Pass for a beautiful sunset jacuzzi. The resort was incredible, and I finally got to see where Spencer spends his weekends. After the sunset, we went to a great design-your-own salad place called CORE, and I got a delicious Greek salad with a million toppings. Sooo good. We had another relaxing movie night and continued our Harry Potter tradition with #6.

I woke up pretty sick this morning, but I was able to sleep for most of plane ride home. It was so hard to leave and say goodbye! I’m grateful that we had this weekend though, and it was an amazing escape from the craziness of work and midterms.

Speaking of work and midterms…I’m officially registered for spring classes. I’m taking:

  • Physics II (ugh)
  • The Science of Human Performance (so excited for this class!)
  • Biological and Behavioral Basis of Disease
  • Behavior and Education Strategies for Nutrition and Fitness

Should be an interesting semester.

Off to bed, but pics will be coming soon.



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