LA River Run

4 Dec

I can’t believe we’re up to 14 miles already! I am loving the season, and I’m incredibly grateful that my knee has held up thus far (knock on wood)! This morning’s run was beautiful, and for some reason it felt easier than it did last year. We started out in Griffith Park and ran on a wooded horse trail covered in fallen leaves. It truly felt like trail running, and we were all cracking up as we dodged branches and hopped over logs. After about 3 miles, the trail dumped us onto the LA River bike path, which we took for another 4 miles before turning around. The second half of the run was considerably less scenic, (the LA “River” doesn’t exactly count as scenery), but the monotonous nature of the path made it easy for me to “get in the zone.”  Sometimes I forget how much I enjoy the time to think (or not think) on these long runs, and it was a welcome few hours of peace for my head.

Today was also a breakthrough day. Although they’re rare, they’re completely worth the time and effort of the non-breakthrough days. For the first time in a while on a run over 10 miles, I DIDN’T HIT THE WALL! While not entirely understood, “the wall” is feared by all distance runners. It is the moment when your energy drops, your legs feel like lead, and you wonder how you will possibly make it another few steps, let alone another few miles. I always bring some mid-run fuel (Annie’s organic gummy bunnies are my current favorite), but sometimes glycogen depletion leaves no chance for recovery. Once you hit, there’s no going back, and you are prisoner to the wall until you reach your destination. Today was different though. I waited with anticipation for the wall to strike, and somehow it never did. Instead, I got a sudden burst of energy that carried me through the last 3 miles at a fairly speedy pace.

Once back to Griffith Park, we stretched and enjoyed some fresh fruit and great conversations. Sweaty but happy, we piled into the car and headed back to campus. The rest of the day has been filled with studying and writing essays (and eating of course), with a few breaks to watch ABC’s Harry Potter Marathon. (What a cruel thing to do during finals week!)

Back to work, but I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend…it’s the final stretch to the holidays 🙂


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