Better Than Caffeine

28 Dec

Spencer and I just got back from The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo…all I can say is I will not be sleeping for a while. It was an amazing movie – the storyline was fascinating, the characteristics were complex and intriguing, and it was definitely not lacking in the suspense department. It was quite a mind-twister though. If you need to stay up late, and you’re tired of coffee, this movie will definitely do it.

Other news of the week…

We arrived home safely from Boulder City on Monday night, after a six hour car ride. Who knew there could be traffic in the desert??..but I guess that’s what you get when you drive home the day after Christmas. It was still a great day though. We woke up early Monday morning and went for a beautiful 12-mile run/bike ride from Boulder City to Henderson. The air was crisp and cool, the company was great, and the mountains made for a perfect backdrop, but the highlight was the way back. Spencer was our navigator, and he decided to take us on a different route back to town. As we ran/rode along, he told to me turn at the upcoming light instead of continuing straight the way we came. Seeing the massive downhill, I agreed as long as we wouldn’t have to come back up a hill of similar length or steepness. He assured me that it would be flat, and he’s usually right, so we continued on our way. I was enjoying the scenery and flatness, when all of a sudden, we turned a corner, and up ahead was one of the biggest, longest hills I’ve ever seen. I stared at it in disbelief for a few seconds until I realized that staring would not help me get to the top…so up we went. Despite the inclines, I still managed a 7:54 pace, so I was really happy with the run. After saying our goodbyes, we headed to the local Southwest Diner for breakfast before we hit the road. I had an egg-white veggie omelet, which was delicous (although what isn’t after 12 miles?!), and then we were on our way. Interesting sights along the way included the country’s smallest town (Searchlight) and the country’s largest thermometer (in Barstow). We were starving by the time we got back, so we headed to Rico’s Taco Shop and then to bed.

Yesterday was my mom’s birthday, so we went to Il Fornaio for some Italian food. It was great to celebrate with everyone, and it was a nice change from our usual restaurants. I had a salad with avocado and gorganzola dressing and whole wheat pasta with fresh tomatoes and ricotta. They recently published their nutrition information, and it’s nice to see that more and more restaurants are joining the trend. They also happen to have delicious food, so it was a good combination.

I can’t believe it’s already Wednesday, and more importantly almost 2012… I’m attempting to think of some (non-corny) resolutions for the New Year 🙂


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