Pancakes, Pure Barre, & Packing

13 May

I have been a total blogging failure lately, but that is changing tonight!

I could probably write for days about everything that’s happened in the last few weeks… but you would probably fall asleep, so I’ll start from today.

Mother’s Day started off with homemade blueberry & banana pancakes (yum!), and then I took my mom on a mystery excursion. When we pulled up in front of Lululemon (my all time favorite store!), I told her we were taking a Pure Barre class, which a new hybrid combining yoga, ballet, and Pilates. It’s apparently all the rage right now, so I figured we should try it out. It was significantly faster-paced and more challenging than I expected, but it felt great, and I now have sore muscles that I never knew existed. We also got passes to Studio Barre, so we can take as many of their 72 classes as we want for a whole week.

After our “Sweaty Sunday,” as Lululemon calls it, we shopped at the Forum for a few minutes, and then headed home to relax before our next adventure. The afternoon consisted of a beautiful hike called the “Way Up Trail” in Elfin Forest, and it was great to spend the rest of the day in the sun. Near the end of our route, I jogged up some switchbacks to an amazing lake view, and it definitely sparked a new found trail-running bug. I NEED TO DO THIS MORE OFTEN!

After the hike, we headed home, and made stuffed portobello mushrooms and a giant summer salad for dinner. It was delicious – definitely a recipe keeper!

I’m grateful for days like this, not only for the lack of school work, but most importantly for the time spent with family.

Other big news of the week…I got my vaccines, applied for a visa, fine-tuned my research proposal, and bought copious amounts of mosquito repellent…I’m actually going to AFRICA!

Two weeks from today, I will be leaving LAX… and two weeks from tomorrow, I will be landing in Accra. It’s seemed like a surreal dream this whole time, but it suddenly hit me that it’s actually happening.

More on this soon…

but Happy Mother’s Day everyone 🙂



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