Beaching in Busua

17 Jun

It’s 10:30 pm Ghana time, and we’re back at Asuansi after another amazing weekend. The fun started on Friday morning, when I had a group of about 20 kids following me on my run. Their stamina is truly mind-blowing. We spent the rest of the morning packing and finishing up last-minute cleaning before heading off on our journey to Busua. We had to split up since Lorenzo had all of his luggage to bring back, so the majority of us went to catch a Tro Tro in Yamadam, while Natalie, Lorenzo, and John took a taxi. It was a bit of a dis-jointed trip, as we had to go to Cape Coast, then to Tacarati, then to Agona, and finally to Busua, but after several hours of packed Tro Tros, we finally pulled into the beautiful seaside town. It was small and humble, as are most of the towns I have visited thus far, but the vibe was significantly different than anything I have experienced here. It was definitely more laid-back and peaceful, and people seemed less likely to stiff you at every turn. We got settled into our quaint hotel on the beach, called Dadson’s Lodge, and then went to explore the town while we waited for the rest of our group. When they still hadn’t arrived after an hour, we called to see what the holdup was and found out that their driver had been pulled over by the (extremely corrupt) police for apparently running a stop sign. Always a lovely feeling. After the appropriate “tax” was paid, they were free to go and arrived shortly after. We spent some time exploring the beach and then headed to Busua Inn for cocktails and dinner at their French restaurant. We were staying right next to an NGO called Teach on the Beach, so they invited to a beach bonfire following dinner. It was a beautiful night, and we had a great time meeting new people, dancing, and sampling interesting African drinks. Sydney and I tried a lemon liquor with coconut rum, and I was definitely a fan.

Saturday morning, Sydney and I both happened to wake up super early, so we went for a beautiful run on the beach. It was so peaceful, and I loved the feel of running barefoot for the first time in a while. Following our run, we headed back to the hotel for SHOWERS (no hot water, but at least it was running) and then went down to breakfast with Colin, John, and Lorenzo. While the rest of the group slept (and slept and slept), Sydney, Colin, and I went for a rejuvenating swim in the ocean. We swam out past the break and bobbed in the swells, taking in the incredible views on all sides. We were about to head in when we were suddenly attacked by a clan of naked Ghanaian children who wanted to play in the waves with us. We played Ampeh ( a jumping game), gave piggy back rides, and danced in the water until we were all too tired to move. Then we headed back for shower number two and lunch at the beachside restaurant next door. They served burritos, so everyone couldn’t wait to get a slight taste of home. They weren’t exactly American/Mexican burritos, but they at least bore some resemblance. We spent the afternoon reading, talking, walking, and pondering life on Busua’s beautiful shore. Then it was back to the room for shower number three (hey, this is what happens when you are deprived of showers for three weeks!) and dinner at the burrito place again. It was Lorenzo’s last night in Ghana :(, and we wanted to send him off with a bang, so we bought some coconut rum and went in search of dancing. While walking through town, we heard music and stumbled upon the only swanky resort I have seen so far in Ghana. Our ears led us to an incredible pool with no one in it, so we took it upon ourselves to start the party. At one point, a hotel attendant came walking toward us, and we thought the party was over, but she asked where we were from and if she could join us! I love Ghanaians. After the impromptu pool sesh, we walked back along the beach and headed to our hotel for shower number four and bed.

I woke up at 5:00 am this morning to the sound of thunder and torrential rain, and while it wasn’t ideal beach weather, it was certainly a wonderful way to start the day. When the showers let up, I went for another mind-clearing run and then an early lunch at the burrito restaurant before saying goodbye to Busua. Our trip back was relatively uneventful, and Asuansi was in good shape when we returned, so things are looking up at the moment. On the research front, I just got a great email from a woman at the Hunger Project who has offered to help me with my topic! I also just booked a hotel in Accra for Wednesday and Thursday, and I’ll be heading to the University of Ghana with three other fellows to speak with professors in the nutrition department. Lots to think about, but things are slowly coming together. I’m excited to start week number four!


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