Hospital Headaches

18 Jun

Well, today was definitely an interesting one…several good contacts, but hardly any progress on the research front…not to mention a rather persistent marriage proposal. After another great run with Sydney, we took our bucket showers and then headed off to Cape Coast for the day. The roads were pretty muddy from the recent rains, and everything was slippery, so maneuvering a Tro Tro packed with people was a difficult feat. As we were struggling up a rocky hill, we saw a large truck caught in a ditch and another equally large truck trying to pull it out with a rope. Needless to say, the truck wasn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

We arrived in Cape Coast around 10:00 am and then headed to Koto Kuraba station, where we parted ways to take cabs to the New Side and the Old Side. Upon arriving at the campus, I met up with Jacob, the president of the Student Nutrition Association, and he decided to take me to the Cape Coast Regional Hospital. It was quite secluded, and I likely would not have found it without his help, so it was great to have a local who knew the ins and outs of the area. The hospital was quite an experience in itself, and upon entering, I knew I was NOT in Kansas anymore. Nurses were dressed in old-fashioned white outfits, people sat in packed rows like the DMV, and children were coughing and crying at every turn. We headed upstairs to the nutrition office, where several of Jacob’s classmates were spending the day, and tried to speak with the lead dietitian. She was incredibly cold, however, and told us that we would need to speak with the head administrator…so off to his office we went. He was busy when we arrived, so we waited until he returned, and then Jacob introduced me. For a minute it seemed like I would be in luck…but then he told me that I would need to write an official letter stating my purpose and intent…so I will be trekking back tomorrow with hopefully more success (and Jessie to accompany me on my journey). After finally leaving the hospital, Jacob and I took a cab back to town, and then I left to meet some of the fellows at Baobaab House. I had a delicious omelet with boiled plantains (yes, I’m officially obsessed) and worked on my letter to present to the hospital administrator tomorrow. After printing it out at an internet café in town, we met up with Sydney and left for the Tro Tro station. It was especially busy this afternoon, and we had to wait quite a while for our Tro Tro, during which time EVERYONE tried to sell us something. Pretty soon, the shouts of “Meat Pies,” “Water” “Mentos” “Rolls” all started to blur in my head. Our Tro Tro finally arrived, but when we went to get on, there was a sudden wave of people who were all headed for Yamadam! Fortunately, the stationmaster jumped in the front and saved it for us, which was awesome.

Paula and John made a delicious stir-fry for dinner, and the rest of the evening has been devoted to research and paper-writing. I’m currently sitting in the conference room eating a FanChoco (frozen chocolate milk) and falling asleep on my computer. Off to join the spiders and crickets that are currently inhabiting my bedroom…woohoo.


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